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Iktisatbank that is always working to make technology a “solution” now provides you with Iktisat Mobile Banking application for a different banking experience.You can access our banking products and services easily and perform your banking transactions in a fast, effective manner wherever you are using Iktisat Mobile Banking application.
Even if you are not a Iktisatbank customer yet, you can use Iktisat Mobile Banking application when you need to. You can obtain information about Iktisatbank’s products and services, the exchange rates, the interest rates, find your nearest Branch & ATM and get the relevant directions, calculate loan and deposit rates plus much much more.
You can download Iktisat Mobile Banking application on your phone free of charge and login with your Internet Banking user information alternatively you can use the card login feature and login with your Smartcard Credit Card and Smartcard Debit Card information.
You will set yourself a DotLock code after the first login with your username and e-password thereafter life will be easier. You can access your Iktisat Mobile Banking application with the specific code drawn by yourself.
With the main screen showing your assets and easy financial transaction menus you can monitor your accounts, card activities, make online transfer transactions plus you can instantly make investment transactions.
The newest member of the Digital Banking family Iktisat Mobile Banking application is now at your service...